• Although more serious problems such as an engine that is overheating, or a low oil pressure level will also cause the check engine light in your Lexus to come on, there are other gauges and lights on the dashboard that will warn you of imminent serious problems.
  • As a general rule, reading the owner’s manual is an excellent way to learn all of the various reasons that can be the cause of a check oil light in your Lexus coming on. It will also give you information on all of the other indicators and lights that are on the dashboard.
  • If the check engine light in your Lexus comes on, the first thing that you should do is search carefully for a major problem that will require attention immediately. Look carefully at all of the gauges and indicators, paying special interest to those which refer to engine overheating or low oil pressure. If one of these is the obvious reason for the light to have come on, pull over to a safe spot and turn the engine in your Lexus off. It some models of cars, in the check engine light is yellow, it means that the problem needs to be looked at. If the check engine light in the Lexus is red, in some models this means to stop immediately and have the vehicle looked at.
  • For a potential quick fix to the check engine light being on in your Lexus, physically tighten the gas cap. In many cases this will completely fix the problem. If the check engine light has come on in your Lexus, or if you notice any performance problems such as power loss, slow down as much as possible and try to reduce the load that the Lexus engine is carrying. If you are towing a trailer for example, stop the towing as soon as possible. To prevent expensive damage that may occur down the road, bring your Lexus into Ken Shaw Lexus so that the code related to the check engine light can be read.