VIDEO: Lexus LC500 reveals V8 bellow

Lexus’s incoming LC500 is set to blow away the company’s ‘boring’ stereotype with a thundering 5.0-litre V8 exhaust note.

Desperate to peel away the cardigan and slippers image that’s wrapped Lexus of late, video of the firm’s next flagship coupe clearing its lungs reveals the 351kW engine’s song hasn’t been muffled one bit.

With the car still in pre-production stages we can’t fully trust this will be the LC500’s exact tune. And admittedly it’s no more savage than the RC F’s wonderful timbre, but at least it indicates Lexus is serious about giving the LC500 enough flair to match its rivals – which will include the raucous Maserati GranTurismo and BMW 650i.

If you’re keen to know more than what the LC500 will sound like we’ve also peeled back the juiciest details on the coupe here.