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The 2016 is the first year Lexus has offered the GS F. This year the entire GS range receives a facelift with a more aggressive style. photo supplied  Lexus is expanding its midsize luxury portfo...Read More


The 2016 Lexus GS F There are few things in life that are near perfection. The eggs are runny, there’s not enough ice in the drink, and the bed is almost soft enough, but… Cars are the same wa...Read More


WTOP Car Guy Mike Parris says the GS-F is sporty and muscular, but still has the luxury touches of a Lexus. WASHINGTON — The new 2016 GS-F is a sedan from Lexus with a sporty side and powerful V...Read More

When you think of Lexus, chances are the words V8 and performance don’t top your list. Luxury, refinement, reliability have always been words synonymous with the brand. Good words, certainly. Bu...Read More

Here’s Lexus’ dad joke, a creamsicle-on-wheels that they hope you’ll try instead of a top-flight German sports sedan and say, “Orange I glad I did? I yam.” And not to worry – if you’...Read More

The newest member of the Lexus “F” series combines world-class, track-proven speed and agility with the opulence and refinements of a luxury sedan Lexus has taken its signature GS sport sedan ...Read More

LEXUS HAS PULLED back the curtains on its GS F sedan, the fourth F series model following the IS F of 2008, the LFA V10 supercar and the RC F coupe, released in Australia just last year. Powered b...Read More

At first glance the new Lexus GS F looks like a no-brainer.  It’s a luxurious V8-powered sports sedan that undercuts its European rivals by almost $100,000. Closer inspection, including ti...Read More