Lexus LC Racing Prototype Front

A mysterious Lexus LC racing prototype has been spotted at an unnamed test-track in Japan by Twitter user LEXUSRACING_36 — the above image shows the vehicle from the front, and there’s also this look at the rear:

Lexus LC Racing Prototype Rear

The low resolution images may not provide much in the way of detail, but the car is clearly an LC of some description — the side profile, floating roof design, and lower door vents all indicate a racing version of the new Lexus coupe.

The most obvious possibility is an early Super GT prototype — just last week, a rumor suggested the LC would be replacing the RC F as the base model for the Japanese racing championship. In fact, the car bears an uncanny resemblance to the Lexus Vision GT concept car built for the Gran Turismo video game:

Lexus Vision GT concept

(Thanks Chris!)