Lexus Genuine Dash Camera

Record your life adventures with the Lexus Genuine Dash Camera. This full HD 1080p Dash Camera with audio recording is fully integrated into your vehicle with no hanging wires. When the ignition is turned on, the camera continuously records in a loop allowing you to record every moment of your journey. You can also record in three additional modes: Adventure, Parking Surveillance and Incident Recording. In Collision Recording mode, the Dash Camera will begin recording upon detecting impact using it’s built in G-force sensors. The Lexus Genuine Dash Camera also includes GPS sensors that capture your position and speed, allowing you to download your journey to your mobile app and/or desktop (app and software required). Included with the camera is an industrial grade micro SD card.


• Full HD 1080p video recording with seamless integration of audio, leaving no obtrusive wires.

• Continuous recording whenever vehicle ignition is on (maximum of 170 minutes before it records over the pre-existing footage).

• Industrial grade micro SD card is included with the Camera and can be written over approximately 20,000 times.



• Equipped with GPS sensor, monitoring speed and position.

• The Lexus mobile app allows you to wirelessly download and share your video.

• The complementary computer software enables you to review your footage in detail.

• Adventure mode allows you to record and automatically save driving events.

Quick Start Guide

• Parking Surveillance mode will begin recording upon detecting impact, up to 60 seconds.

• Due to the camera’s battery conserving logic, the vehicle battery will not drain when parked and camera is in surveillance mode.

• Collision Recording will use G-force sensors to detect impact and protect footage 12 seconds before and 8 seconds after the collision.