Lexus Launches LS460 in Tokyo

TOKYO – SEPTEMBER 19: Toyota Motor Corp’s new Lexus LS460 is unveiled during a launch press conference on September 19, 2006 in Tokyo, Japan.
(Photo : Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images)

On the year 2018 a new version of a new luxury car which is the Lexus LS will be out. An upgraded version of GS and IS.

A newly developed Lexus LS will be released soon. It has been spotted testing by the spy photographer, above all the new flagship luxury saloon will have a sale on year 2018. This new Lexus has almost crafting the car’s bodywork and design. It has an amount of black masking to hide its body work. The cars new headlight and taillight will be under the disguise. The front of the car has a gaps in camouflage, large angular grille and when looked down the spot will be noticeable kink. The only preview of this LS was last 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The Lexus LS now a days is looking a bit dated next to recently GS and IS, in this the upcoming Lexus LS is expected to have a latest design. Information from Auto Express.

The Lexus LS is the 4th¬†generation (XF40) has been here for a decade and it has the oldest model in its class. It will have a rear-seat entertainment system with dual tablets mounted at the back of the front seats and ready for the official premiere of the fifth-gen LS (XF50). The LF-FC unveiled a little year ago should be visualize an accurate of what to expect. There is a huge spindle grille, Nike logo-like LED daytime running lights, much smooth body and a pair of sharp taillights. All in all the Lexus flagship is expected to have a growth in size and have a longer wheelbase stretching at more than 3,000 mm. Lexus had promised that it will have “some cool interior stuff”. Gathered information from

Much more to the information given, people are expecting a better and much upgraded feature for this new Lexus LS. And this 2018 LS it will put a good comparison to the previous model.