There is something to be said about large durability and safety of large vehicles as opposed to nimble high-powered smaller sport’s cars. Both have desirable traits that appeal to consumers that are looking for more than just transportation.

The Lexus RC 350 AWD is a sport’s car hidden in a Lexus sedan frame. The sleek Lexus design suggests a high-performance drive but the RC-350 goes well beyond, driven by a V6- 311 horsepower 3.3L engine. No need to turbo this engine, that would result in having to add wings to this elegant, all-wheel drive, two-door sedan.

This is a gentleman’s sports car with soft front  bucket seats and a very compact rear seat. A slender male passenger was able to slip into the tight space for a short distance, but this is a car for a selective driver that wants a business designed classy sedan that can give a sport’s car performance with ease.

The drive and handling of this RC 350 is unique and the steering precise and quick. Driving the 350 is like flying a fighter plane in the smaller cabin with paddle shifters, and the roar of the engine when accelerating to a higher speed in a lower gear. 

The “Blue Vortex” metallic paint and the long sloping grille define the model as a Lexus in appearance. 

Starting with a suggested manufacturer’s price of $46,240, the vehicle has a long list of optional equipment that can raise the price to $54,630. The options give the driver a choice to add premium sound, extensive navigation, and special features taking the test model price to $54,630, still a low price for a luxury sport’s car.

Manufactured in Tahara, Aichi, Japan the car comes with a 6-year, 70,000 miles powertrain warranty.   The car is loaded with all of the latest safety equipment, entitled Lexus Safety Systems.

With performance comes a larger engine and fuel economy is 18 in the city and 24 on open highways.   There are drive modes of eco, normal, sport, and snow and continuous all-wheel drive that adds to the stability of the excellent handling.

This car is addictive and so enjoyable to handle in traffic and higher speed freeway driving.