Lexus Tire Centre

Ken Shaw Lexus is also happy to offer you a wide range of tires for cars, SUVs and small trucks in Toronto at our dealership. We feature a wide-ranging choice of the finest brands, highly competitive pricing, and the expertise to help you choose the perfect products for your needs

Ken Shaw Lexus is proud to offer MICHELIN Winter Tires, Michelin All-Season Tires, MICHELIN Summer Tires, BFGOODRICH Winter Tires, BF GOODRICH All-Season Tires, BF Goodrich Summer Tires, UNIROYAL Winter Tires, Uniroyal All-Season Tires, Uniroyal Summer Tires, KELLY Winter Tires, KELLY Summer tires, Kelly All-season tires, BRIDGESTONE Winter Tires, Bridgestone Summer Tires, Bridgestone All-season tires, FIRESTONE Winter Tires, Firestone Summer Tires, Firestone All-season tires, GOODYEAR Winter Tires, Goodyear Summer Tires, Goodyear All-Season Tires, DUNLOP Summer Tires, Dunlop Winter Tires, Dunlop All-seaon Tires, CONTINENTAL Summer Tires, Continental Winter Tires, Continental All-Season Tires, GISLAVED Winter Tires, Gislaved Summer Tires, Gislaved All-season Tires, GENERAL Winter Tires, General Summer Tires, General All-Season Tires, PIRELLI Winter Tires, Pirelli Summer Tires, Pirelli All-Season Tires, YOKOHAMA Summer Tires, Yokohama Winter Tires, Yokohama All-season tires, TOYO Winter tires, Toyo Summer Tires, Toyo All-Season Tires, Hankook Winter Tires, Hankook Summer Tires, and Hankook All-season tires.