Toyota Motor Corp.’s Lexus luxury brand unveiled an extreme vision for premium compact SUVs at the 2016 Paris Motor Show with the edgy and exaggerated UX Concept, created by artists at the Lexus design center in France. On the inside, the bold new jarring design treatment features what Lexus calls “Kinetic Seat” technology with a new kind of ergonomics created through the use of straps and carbon frames for driver and passengers.

The small entry-level premium SUV study, which resembles a superhero’s futuristic muscle car on steroids with SUV utility aspects, has been designed to catch the eye and interest of younger consumers who may want to step up to a distinctive, in-your-face styled vehicle that is “urban-sized.” Inside, the concept incorporates seats made of straps inside skeleton frames. The UX Concept seats 4 and is a crossover with rugged 4×4 appearance set off by low ground clearance that performs and appears like a ferocious coupe.

The UX Concept rides on big 21-in. wheels and tires. Its front fenders rise to front mirror housings with door-mounted cameras and the instrument panel inside the UX sits lower swooping into the cabin’s interior. Square wheel arches, roof bars, and door cameras are all finished in the same material. The Lexus spindle grille has evolved and expanded to incorporate extended visual elements of a classic sports car. The overall exterior look of the UX Concept is blade-like bold with a strong linear design, according to Lexus.

Even the new “immersive amethyst” multi-layer paint color emphasizes the UX Concept’s new shape, according to Lexus designers. L-configured daytime running lights are positioned within the main lighting systems and rear lamps are integrated with a rear spoiler. It’s likely that a few elements from this aggressive crossover concept will appear in future Lexus vehicles.

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Lexus UX Concept photoLexus UX Concept photo