Remember the Lexus LC500? It entered our lives last month, looking very swoopy and promising many revs thanks to its 467bhp V8 engine. Fully production-ready, its recipe promises a very appealing car indeed.

Not intent on stopping there, though, Lexus has now added a hybrid version. The reasoning behind the LC500h takes little decrypting, of course: Lexus has made a name for itself via petrol-electric posh cars, and among its numerous mainstream ranges, the hybrids typically outsell straight petrols.

But will it be the making or the massacring of the LC? Lexus is promising an all-new hybrid system, dubbed ‘Multi Stage Hybrid System’, which will “provide higher performance, more driving pleasure and greater efficiency”.

There are no stats to go on at the moment, with firm details closer to its reveal in March. But if it’s to provide performance that mirror its styling, the system will need to be much more fun to operate than the hybrid system found in current Lexus models.

We’ll give Lexus the benefit of the doubt until we’ve sampled it, though. The LC – seen here in blue for the first time – remains an eye-poppingly good thing to look at, and if its styling has even a small influence on saloons and SUVs it will sit atop in the brand’s hierarchy, Lexus should have a range to be reckoned with in years to come.

More information when it makes its bow at the Geneva motor show. Excited?