2018 Lexus LS 500h Executive Package (Lexus LS Hybrid)

Owners of a handful of recent Lexus cars and crossover SUVs now have the option to upgrade their infotainment system software to include Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa compatibility—for a price.

The luxury automaker said on its website that its dealers can install updated software on some vehicles for Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa compatibility.

The models included are:

– 2018 LS

– 2018 LC

– 2018 RC and RC F

– 2018 NX

– 2019 NX

– 2019 RC F

– 2019 ES

For some models, there’s a catch. The 2019 model year vehicles must have been built before October 2018 to be eligible. Additionally, 2019 Lexus ES sedans without navigation can be upgraded to include CarPlay compatibility; sedans with navigation already included the compatibility. Lexus said some October and November 2018 builds may also make the cut for the software upgrade.

Interested owners should first contact their Lexus dealers to confirm compatibility. Those who choose to add CarPlay and Alexa to their Lexus vehicle must make an appointment for the software upgrade and shell out a one-time charge of $199. The offer never expires and the cars will always be eligible for the update at any time.

The offer is different from the Toyota brand’s upgrade process to add Apple CarPlay to some models. Toyota will provide a software update for free for 2018 Camry and Sienna models.