Cars just don’t come any better than the 2018 Lexus LS500 four-door sedan. Sparkling “atomic silver” paint adorns the sleek four-door sports model featuring a 415-horsepower twin-turbo engine.

The power plant is coupled to a 10-speed sequential transmission with steering wheel paddle shifters located behind the leather heated steering wheel.

The interior of the car is breathtaking and especially sensational at night in the dark when starting the car. The dashboard is very impressive with lighting and chrome accessories. The doors and roof are covered with a suede material that adds to the richness is this super-luxury sedan. Luxury is with a suggested retail price of $81,000. The long list of options, including the F-Sports package can add an additional $9,700; worth every penny. Other optional features can include a 23 speaker Mark Levinson sound system and additional safety features.

Match the power with the ride and the car is impeccable. Special feature projects include the vehicle speed and speed limit on the driver’s windshield, a constant reminder of staying somewhere close to the always changing speed limit signs.

New technology and adaptive screens with many adjustments and controls can become burdensome with visual abstracts while driving. This LS500 has the best radio tuning system in the business thru a knob that adjusts volume and station together using a second dial underneath the volume control. The screen and Lexus panel provides a plethora of choices in audio selections.

Four drive choices are provided with the LS500 offering the ECO choice that can provide 30 miles per gallon in highway driving.

The next choice is NORMAL, then SPORT and SPORT-S- plus.

All of the drive selections come from turning a knob at eyesight level above the dash. The ECO choice seemed powerful enough but climbing a mountain highway the Sport mode was exciting.

All of the camera safety detection equipment provides early warnings for pedestrians, rear passing traffic in parking lots, lane change warnings and blind spot alerts. The Smart Stop Technology will stop the vehicle before hitting a frontal object that is one of the best new safety features in Toyota/Lexus products.

The beauty of this LS500 is the power and performance of a sports car disguised as a luxury sedan with leather, suede upholstery, and loaded with features and safety equipment.

Lexus motto, “experience amazing” describes this LS500.