Lexus LS Hybrid

According to Automotive News, the advanced safety technologies that debuted with the new LS 500 will start making their way into other Lexus models in 2018.

Currently, the fifth-generation is the only Lexus model equipped with Lane Trace Assist and Pedestrian Alert with Active Steering Assist. The flagship also has freshly upgraded pre-collision systems and parking assist functionality.

In a related note, Japan-spec LS models are equipped with technologies that are not yet available in other markets:

The more advanced Lexus technologies, such as automatic lane-change, are also arriving late in the U.S. — after being offered in Japan.

The reason, again, is safety. In the U.S., it takes longer to verify the systems for the diverse driving conditions, patchwork of traffic laws, faster speeds and divergent driving habits.

“Many U.S. roads have blurred lane markers or a variety of different lines drawn on the road. It’s very difficult,” Koibuchi said. “We have not done sufficient verification yet.”