A hybrid version of the new Lexus LC 500 coupe is on the way and will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March, the car-maker has announced.

While details are scarce beyond what we actually know of the LC 500 as a whole, it will use a new “multi-stage hybrid system”, which Evo says seems likely to be a replacement for the “hybrid synergy drive” technology currently used in both Lexus and Toyota models.

The standard LC 500 uses a 5.0-litre naturally aspirated V8 with 467bhp. US magazine Road & Track speculates that rather than being a downsized model, the hybrid could actually use the same power unit, albeit with an electric motor mated to it. Giving the ‘h’ model a substantial power boost over the normal LC 500 would make it difficult for the firm to introduce an eventual ‘F’ version range-topper, however.

Top Gear says that in order to impress, the hybrid system employed on the LC 500h will have to mark a substantial improvement on the powertrains currently found on Lexus and Toyota models.

When the standard LC 500 – due for release later this year – was revealed at the Detroit Motor Show in January, critics praised the vehicle for its design and the LC 500h still remains “eye-poppingly” good to look at, says Top Gear, adding that “if its styling has even a small influence on saloons and SUVs it will sit atop in the brand’s hierarchy, Lexus should have a range to be reckoned with in years to come”.

It’s not the only new piece of metal Lexus will bring to the show. The LF-FC concept will also take a bow, previewing the next generation of the company’s flagship LS series.