If you are planning to purchase a used luxury car, we would highly recommend getting the second generation Lexus IS F. The car is not the most popular of all choices but that is because many are not aware of what the IS F is capable of.

The IS F relies on a 5L V8 engine that can generate about 417hp 371ft-lbs of torque. The figures are certainly insane and the track times of the car are proven to be better than the BMW M3.

This cannot be helped as the IS F is equipped with LSD and given a suspension revision. There are also a variety of performance packages that are offered with the car and it will bring the total power count to 500hp.

Being part of the Toyota company, the Lexus IS F is really reliable. The only known faults with the car are with the water pump issue that affected a handful of the IS F and a navigation system that is full of glitch. Aside from that, the IS F translates to perfection.