Lexus How-To Videos

If you’d prefer to have some assistance with this process, your Lexus Dealership will help you during your 1,600 km Check-In. If you’re ready to try it on your own, we’d recommend that you have your Lexus Owner’s Manual, and the Manual for your mobile phone, on hand.

Bluetooth Wireless Systems - Part 1

In just a few steps, you can establish the connection between your Lexus Bluetooth system and your phone. You can even connect more than one phone, making it convenient for multiple drivers.

Bluetooth Wireless Systems - Part 2

Learn how to make or receive calls using your Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Wireless Systems - Part 3

Play music from your phone using Bluetooth Audio.

Lexus Remote Touch

For Lexus automobiles equipped with Lexus Remote Touch, you can use the mouse-like controls to access the Navigation and Audio Systems, Climate Controls, and Bluetooth features. The strength of the Remote Touch response can be set to your preferences.

Backup Camera

Most Lexus Automobiles are equipped with a Backup Camera, mounted on the back of the vehicle. When you shift into reverse, the camera images are shown on the multi-media display, along with guidelines to show you the distance between the back of the vehicle and objects behind you. It also displays guidelines, to help you align your Lexus between parking lines.

Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers

When you set your Windshield Wipers to the "Auto" setting, they’ll work when they sense Rain, Snow, or Sleet. One less worry during your drive.

Seat Adjustments with Memory

Using the seat adjustments in your Lexus, you can pick the perfect position to ensure your driving enjoyment - even on a road trip. Using the Memory system, you can save your settings and link them to your Smart Access system, so that each time you start your Lexus using your Smart Key, the settings will return to your personalized settings.

Tire Pressure Warning System

Tire Pressure is crucial to the performance and fuel efficiency of your Lexus. The Tire Pressure Warning System will advise you if an issue is detected with your Tires - you may need to add air or, if the warning light is flashing, you may need to see your Lexus Dealership.