Lexus LF-1 Spindle Grille

The Lexus signature spindle grille will remain a design staple even as the brand introduces pure electric drivetrains — from an Autocar India interview with Lexus Design general manager Koichi Suga:

Koichi Suga, general manager of Lexus Design Division,…says the brand’s signature spindle grille is here to stay. “I don’t think this will happen, unless there is some big shift in top management. And if that happens I will fight to keep it.” Suga also believes that spindle grille is what Lexus customers value. “Our customers value a unique identity and we have a responsibility to ensure that we satisfy this requirement.”

The spindle grille reframed Lexus as a design-forward manufacturer, and quite frankly, too much has been invested to consider swapping in something more generic. That said, Suga does admit that changes will have to be made to separate the EVs from their standard vehicle lineup:

However, there is some pressure from customers to make EVs look different from their fossil-fuel burning counterparts. “For us to interpret and create a new kind of look is a challenge and that is something that we are working towards. So even our team right now are working on new designs, trying to answer that question,” says Suga.