Lexus L-finesse design philosophy explained

Pictured: 2016 Lexus GS 200t

As many automakers do, Lexus puts a lot of thought into its vehicles’ designs–not just their construction but in the actual meaning behind each line and curve. You might not realize it, but the very appearance of a vehicle says a lot about the brand, so it’s important that each car in a lineup gives a consistent, appealing message. To achieve this, automakers like Lexus have a design philosophy acting like a common theme uniting its lineup.

Luxury brand Lexus follows a sophisticated approach that defines the brand’s core characteristics. Lexus’ L-finessedesign philosophy is a major influence of the vehicles available today.


What Is the Lexus L-Finesse Design Philosophy All About?

The term “L-finesse” is comprised of two ideas: leading-edge and finesse. You’ll find this visual language applied to the iS, GS, LS, and other Lexus models since L-finesse’s debut in 2009 on the LF-Ch concept model.

Lexus L-finesse deisgn philosophy diagramThis intent results in three noticeable characteristics: Seamless Anticipation, Incisive Simplicity, and Intriguing Elegance.

  • Anticipation: Believing that the experience of driving a car goes beyond the three dimensions of the product, Lexus relies on the “Omotenashi” (the Japanese spirit of hospitality) to anticipate the needs of drivers by offering intuitive and responsive features in each vehicle.
  • Simplicity: Lexus believes that extraneous elements obscure core beauty, so designs are simplified to remain true to their core.
  • Elegance: It’s all about combining contrasting elements to create a sense of design depth and mystery.

So what does all this mumbo jumbo amount to in the final products?

While those three characteristics may sound conservative, most people recognize today’s Lexus models for their sharp lines, spindle grille, precise proportions, arrowhead headlamps, and unusual approaches to construction–all elements that make them stand out. As Lexus continues its transition from the forgettable brand of old to the unique automaker it is becoming, Lexus is using L-finesse to show that something can be simultaneously simple and bold.