Jeremy Clarkson has reviewed the Lexus GS F for The Sunday Times, and it’s certainly a fun read for Lexus enthusiasts:

I especially liked the noise. In the mid-ranges — up to, say, 4500rpm — it sounds baleful and hollow, like a lonely wolf. But if you keep your foot planted in the carpet and go up past 6000rpm, it starts to sound as though it’s angry about being a hollow wolf. It sounds — and this is the highest praise you can lavish on any car — like a Ferrari 458 Italia.

This is the best Lexus I’ve driven since the LFA, which is also riddled with annoying details, but remains my all-time favorite car.

I wouldn’t blame you at all if you went off and bought a BMW M3 or M5 instead. They’re both tremendous. But don’t assume they’re the best of breed. Because in my book this flawed old-school charmer has them beat.