The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) has introduced their second-generation autonomous vehicle using the current Lexus LS 600hL as the test platform — here’s a video overview of the new self-driving technology:

The 2.0 generation advanced safety research vehicle uses technology from TRI’s core research paths:

  • The Chauffeur system is a fully autonomous system classified by SAE as unrestricted Level 5 autonomy and Level 4 restricted and geo-fenced operation.
  • The Guardian system is focused on high-level driver assistance. It constantly monitors the driving environment inside and outside the vehicle, warning of potential dangers and stepping in when needed to assist in crash avoidance.

While there is no mention when this technology will start appearing in Lexus and Toyota vehicles, Toyota reaffirmed its commitment that Automatic Emergency Braking will be standard equipment on nearly every model and trim level of Lexus and Toyota vehicles in the US by the end of 2017. This is five years ahead of NHTSA’s 2022 target date.