Lexus LF-FC in Silver

Auto & Design Magazine has a wonderful feature on Toyota Tokyo Design Laboratory, the styling studio responsible for the design of the Lexus LF-FC flagship concept:

To all intents and purposes, the Tokyo Design Laboratory has its headquarters in the capital, but away from the skyscrapers and motorways. It is sunk in greenery on top of a hill surrounded by cherry trees – the spectacle of flowers blooming in April is an unmissable, very Japanese experience, the designers assure us, confirming the importance of Nature in their culture.

The Lexus LF-FC Concept and the Toyota FCV Plus are propelled by an electric powertrain fuelled by a hydrogen cell. “It’s a type of engine that allows us to work on the architecture. The vehicle’s silhouette will change and there will be more room inside as a result of a more compact hydrogen tank”, Takatoo continues.

The absolute best part of the article are these preliminary sketches of the LF-FC concept — the detail is astounding:

Lexus LF-FC Sketch 1
Lexus LF-FC Sketch 2
Lexus LF-FC Sketch 3