Image result for new lexus uxToday’s circle topic will be on the UX New Model Training and how it is the first and only Self-Charging Hybrid Electric Vehicle in its class. During the training, we will examine some of the benefits that a Self-Charging Hybrid Electric Vehicle has over a Battery Electric Vehicle. With Battery Electric Vehicles getting a lot of attention from consumers, many might not realize that current battery technology requires owners to compromise, especially when compared to Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics. Here are just a few advantages that Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics have over Battery Electric Vehicles.


Quicker Refueling vs. Recharging:

With 12,000 gas stations vs 5,000 charging station in Canada, finding a gas station is much easier than finding a charging station. Most charging stations are located in busy metropolitan areas and become harder to find the further you get away from the city. A Self-Charging Hybrid Electric can have its driving range restored in only a few minutes. Some Battery Electric Vehicles can take more than 24 hours to recharge when using a level 1 (110 v) charging station while a level II charging station (240 v) can shorten it to 12 hours. DC fast chargers can reduce charge times down to only a few hours but repeatedly doing so can have a negative impact on the life of the battery.


Superior Driving Range:

A Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electric such as the RX 450h L can offer Guests a combined driving range of approximately 802 km. The driving range of a Tesla Model X ranges from 381 km to 475 km depending on the size of the battery. Leaving from Toronto, a Tesla X would not be able to make it to Montreal without having to stop and re-charge along the way (Toronto to Montreal is 574 km) and would likely have to do so using a level II charging station. While a RX 450h L with a full tank, could drive from Toronto to Montreal, then continue on to Ottawa, refuel in a few minutes and then drive back to Toronto. With an abundance of gas stations to choose from and superior driving range, an owner of a Self-Charging Hybrid Electric Vehicle won’t have to worry about getting “Range Anxiety”, an uneasy feeling that can overwhelm drivers when they begin to worry about being stranded on the side of the road when their battery runs out of power.


Lower Initial Cost:

A Tesla Model X that is comparable to a RX 450h L costs over $100,000 more.

Source: Lexus Canada