Lexus Malaysia has given their fourth generation Luxury Medium passenger car segment a few quick updates but the big news is the introduction of a brand new turbocharged engine as well. Now you have six different variants of the GS to choose from with the brand the new turbocharged engined GS 200t variants taking the place of the GS 250 variants.

Exterior Changes

Both the headlights on the front and the tail-lights on the back have been swapped out and replaced by triple-L-Shaped LED headlamps and L-shaped lamps that are configured to skew upward at the inner rear combination lamps.

The GS now has a lower centre of gravity and to show off that feat, the Lexus designers have emphasised it by lowering the rocker molding character line by 20mm. The lower rear bumper is now painted a dark gravy metallic rather than the previous black. The GS 300h Hybrid on the other hand now has a concealed tailpipe and air stabilising fins on the rear bumpers to improve aerodynamic efficiency.

There are now seven exterior colours including three new colours known as Red Mica Crystal Shine, Sonic Quartz and Heat Blue Contrast Layering.

Interior Changes

Minimal changes have been done to the interior, the most notable of which is the addition of a BACK function switch and an ENTER button to enhance operation and selection on the Remote Touch Interface knob. Genuine leather now lines the steering wheel, shift knob and inside door handles. The shift knob and door handles in particular are finished in satin tone plated ornamentation.

Safety Features

The GS’s already impressive suite of safety features now gets the addition of Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA). All variants except the GS 200t Premium gets this upgrade along with Brake Hold Assist which will keep the car stationary even when the driver has lifted their foot. A good addition to the system when faced with the traffic in the city!

There is also a special Tyre Pressure Warning display that will the tyre pressure at all times and will provide a warning when it detects a pressure difference.

Engine changes

Along with the familiar GS 300h Hybrid engine and the 3.5-litre engine for the GS 350, Lexus has done away with the GS 250 engines and replaced the engine along with the variant with a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine. And although the GS 200 engine is rated smaller than the GS 250, Lexus claims the new engine is capable of more power and more torque.

With the help of the twin-scroll turbocharger which will work with the intercooler, the new 2.0-litre engine produces 241bhp at 5800rpm with a maximum torque of 350Nm from 1650rpm to 4400rpm. The GS 200 is 17 per cent more powerful and has 38 per cent more torque than the outgoing bigger engine.

The GS also introduces the eight-speed Sports Direct Shift transmission that adopts a swing-damper to expand the lock-up range. The GS promises excellent driveability with the intelligent computerised management system which makes split-second decisions on gear shifts in accordance with G-forces especially when the settings are switched to Sport mode which has G-AI Shift.

No changes in the powertrain for the GS 300h and GS 350 variants, the cars will still utilise the 2.5-litre 2AR-FSE four-cylinder hybrid engine only with an updated D-4S electronic fuel injection system and the 3.5-litre V6 2GR-FKS engine.

Lexus is offering up the GS according to the price listed below, prices comes complete with a three-year factory warranty or 100,000km while the GS 300h’s battery pack comes covered with an eight-year warranty:
GS 300h: RM631,700.00
GS 350 F Sport: RM562,610.00
GS 350 Luxury: RM543,400.00
GS 200t F Sport: RM496,100.00
GS 200t Luxury: RM484,100.00
GS 200t Premium: RM439,200.00