Lexus Zang Toi Collaboration

Fashion designer Zang Toi has partnered with Lexus to create designer apparel for the brand’s auto show product specialists — here are some details on what to expect:

Mr. Toi’s collection will feature four custom looks, making Lexus the only brand on the auto show floor with a wardrobe created and handmade for each product specialist for a perfect look and fit. Refined craftsmanship will be conveyed through details such as hand pick stitching on jacket lapels, hand beading and embroidery on each garment.

Mr. Toi has personally fit the team members. Items, all of which will be made in New York, will include a hand loomed knit dress with handmade lace from Lyon, France, and a knit “alphabet” sweater with the Lexus “L” hand beaded and embroidered. The collection will be rounded out with classic styles, such as a sharply cut jacket with contrast grey sleeves and standup lapel accents.

The standard outfits from the collection will debut at the Miami Auto Show in September, with the press day designs scheduled for the Detroit Auto Show in January.

(This may seem like a minor thing, but millions of people attend auto shows every year and product specialists are their main point of contact. This is a smart move by Lexus to stand out, and it’s made better by using a detail-oriented designer like Zang Toi. An excellent partnership.)

The above product specialist is not wearing the Zang Toi outfit, photo by Rich KD

Source: Lexus Enthusiast