Auto Spa Packages

For a list of our detailing packages, please see below. We offer DeluxeExecutive and Presidential Lexus Reflections Detailing Packages.

Our Commitment

Lexus is committed to protecting the earth for future generations. All Reflections products are specifically formulated to minimize environmental impact, utilizing biodegradable and water based products wherever possible.

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Deluxe Package $49.95 plus HST

21 Point Interior, Exterior and Engine Therapy for your Lexus

  • Meticulous hand washing and drying of vehicle’s complete exterior including door openings
  • Vacuuming of seats, carpet and removable floor mats
  • Cleaning vehicle’s glass, dash and instrument panel
  • Deodorizing of the passenger compartment, upon request

Executive Package $129.95 plus HST

This thorough appearance reconditioning service includes all the necessary components to keep your Lexus in prime condition.


  • Hand wash and dry the vehicle exterior
  • Remove road and insect materials from exterior body and glass
  • Clean door jambs along with trunk and hook seams
  • Pressure wash wheel well openings and rocker panels
  • Clean wheel rims and dress tires
  • Clean exterior glass surfaces and external mirrors
  • Apply Lexus paint finish protectant


  • Vacuum carpeted floor area and trunk/cargo area
  • Shampoo removable floor mats
  • Clean dash and instrument panel
  • Clean console and driver controls
  • Clean interior glass and mirror surfaces
  • Deodorize interior cabin, upon request


This comprehensive appearance reconditioning service includes all the necessary components to completely rejuvenate your Lexus. Includes all items in the EXECUTIVE package plus:


  • Complete interior shampoo of seats, carpet, removable floor mats and door panels
  • Clean leather seat surfaces
  • Dress leather seat surfaces with Lexus Leather Conditioner
  • Clean and dress dash


Shampoo carpeted floor mats

Cars - $59.95 plus HST

SUVs - $69.95 plus HST

Shampoo floor carpets

Cars - $69.95 plus HST

SUVs - $79.95 plus HST

Shampoo seat covers

Cars - $69.95 plus HST

SUVs - $79.95 plus HST