Compared to the German premium brands Lexus had always been left outside looking in; there simply seemed to be no way that the Toyota luxury division could catch up with Mercedes-Benz and BMW in sales.

That may not be the case anymore this year. After a poor showing against the Germans last year, Lexus has made good ground and is trailing only by a small margin in terms of year-to-date (YTD) sales.

Through February, Lexus has a current YTD figure of 44,203 sales while BMW and Mercedes respectively have 46,657 and 52,594 sales thus far.

While overtaking Mercedes remains a stretch, it is well within sight for Lexus to surpass BMW when the March numbers are released.

In the premium compact crossover segment, however, Lexus has already taken the lead against its continental rivals. The Lexus NX earned 3,709 sales in February, jumping up 39 percent year-over-year against February 2015. Tallied with the numbers from this past January, it posts YTD sales of 6,842 units.

Mercedes’ smallest crossover offering, the GLA, fared poorly in comparison. Its sales fell to 1,597 units in February and its YTD sum is currently at 4,638 units. While the BMW X3 posted 3,733 sales in the same month, a slightly superior figure to the NX, its YTD sales numbers amount to only 5,735 units, a poorer overall performance than the NX.