It’s a striking design that catches your eye anytime it drives by. Add the F Sport package and you’ll get more aggressive bumpers, wheels and full LED headlamps. All of which are crafted to perfection and executed to the highest degree.

Under the hood is a 3.5L V6 making around 295 horsepower mated to an 8-speed automatic and down to the pavement with all-wheel drive. Power from the V6 is planted to the road with good force and the engine sound is magnificent. Transmission shifting is completely understated and allows for smooth sailing. I didn’t have any foul weather for the AWD, but I can attest from previous road tests that Toyota knows what it’s doing with their AWD.

Exterior styling is dramatic and fairly polarizing. Sharp angles up from around the spindle grill blend nicely into the shape of the SUV and come back together on the tailgate. The rear hatch dawns LED tail lamps, dual exhaust pipes and a power liftgate. The stance is athletic and aggressive allowing for spirited drives and smooth highway commutes. Overall the exterior creates a artistic blend of angles and fast back roof design, and I like it a lot.

Slide into the driver’s seat for a treat. The interior is crafted with different materials, large swooping details and completely intuitive design. The toggle on the console controlling the dash screen is very simple to get the hang of. The screen on top of the dash is huge, seriously it’s the width of the center console. I’m a huge fan of the driver’s instrument cluster and how the data is displayed. A single rpm gauge has the digital mph readout and the fuel, temp and mpg surround it. It makes finding the info quick and easy. The interior passenger volume is also very spacious and comfortable. Front passengers get tons of legroom and access to the creature comforts. The rear passengers also get a fair amount of legroom and car seats are really simple to install thanks to the LATCH system. No third row (in this trim) means there is a huge boot, and it’s enough to carry a lot of large items.

On road, the Lexus RX is a genuine performance SUV that can carve back roads and sail down the interstate with ease. Quiet interior materials and insulated glass make the outside world dim and dull compared to your interior entertainment. The sound system is good enough and sounds clear at high volume, but the real treat is how quiet it is when you are cruising with the windows down. I frequently found myself taking the “long way” to get to places just so I could see how the RX would handle different road types.

For a family looking for a luxury SUV that will impress with its appearance, usability and craftsmanship, look at the RX lineup from Lexus. For the third row option, you can look into the RX 350L.