Auto Anti Theft Prevention and Recovery

Our expert team of professional now offers Automotive Anti-Theft Prevention and Recovery tool for your Lexus. Please contact our Sales Manager for more details.

Brett Gooding at or call 416-766-0055 ext 155.


Auto Theft Prevention and Recovery

  • 4250 vehicles were stolen in Toronto in 2018 according to statistics Canada but the case of thrill seekers stealing card with a screwdriver is becoming a thing of the past
  • Police say thieves are using more sophisticated tools and techniques to break into vehicles. Luxury vehicles such as Lexus, Mercedes, and Land Rover have been the main targets.
  • Investigators say the best method to prevent your vehicle from being stolen is to install “target harden” anti-theft devices such as remote ignition kill switches, or car immobilizers.
  • Most of these electronic overrides of luxury automobiles occur at the home and they occur overnight, 2 or 3 in the morning.

    How does our Anti-Theft Prevention and Recovery tool work?

  • Alert / Notification sent via SMS and or E-mail when the ignition is turned on
  • Track your vehicle, Access to monitoring platform anywhere, anytime / locate on demand
  • Remote Starter Disable/Enable feature (when vehicle ignition is in the off position)

$599 Installed, plus HST

car theft prevention ken shaw lexus toronto

Additional included features:

  • Moving with ignition off (Towing)
  • Battery Disconnect/Reconnect


*The Starter Disable / Enable is not available for Hybrid Vehicles.
However, the Anti-Theft solution does still offer the following features for Hybrid Vehicles;

• Ignition On/ Off
• Battery Disconnected/ Reconnected
• Moving with Ignition Off
• Locate On Demand
• GPS Platform
• Maintenance Schedule