2020 Lexus RCF Track Edition 72

When it first debuted, the Lexus RC was criticized for weighing two tons even in its more pedestrian versions. Thanks to a platform that utilizes parts from the current GS and IS sedans, and the discontinued IS Convertible, the result is a Frankenstein-like coupe that needs power to offset its added heft. The V-8-powered RC F is the heaviest of the lineup. Back when we first compared the RC F to the BMW M4, it checked in at 4,045 pounds, a whopping 441 pounds more than its Bavarian rival.

The 2020 RC F’s sonorous 5.0-liter V-8 adds a smidge more power; however, the limited-run Track Edition variant is the only way you can get a lighter version of Lexus’ polarizing coupe. All of the carbon-fiber bits and weight-saving measures cut 177 pounds compared to the standard RC F, and that’s including that boy racer rear wing and the titanium exhaust system. Lexus’ eight-speed automatic remains the only transmission available on the RC F (sorry, manual purists). All RC Fmodels also get a launch control feature for consistent acceleration runs on the drag strip.

2020 Lexus RCF Track Edition 74

A new, equally polarizing and angrier predator-like mug with triangular-shaped headlights ensures that the RC F Track Edition grabs as much attention as possible. Pair that with the Matte Nebula Gray exterior color for maximum head-turning potential.

With production limited to 100 examples, the 2020 Lexus RC F Track Edition will be a rare beast and its $97,675 price tag further adds to the car’s exclusivity. Watch the video above to find out what makes the Lexus RC F Track Edition surprisingly capable on a road course.

2020 Lexus RCF Track Edition 78