Being a tamer hybrid model that offers just as much luxury as the regular version means that the 2018 Lexus LC 500h would not stray too far from the LC 500 in terms of pricing. Most sources believe that it would arrive in mid-2017 at about $100,000.

What makes its price attractive is that there aren’t really other hybrid 2+2 sports coupes that boasts that type of price. Sure, it’s a lot more potent at 573hp, but the Acura NSX costs at least $156,000.

Comparable to the 354hp LC 500h is another carbon fiber four-seater in the BMW i8 at 357hp. However, it costs a minimum of $140,000, though granted it offers FWD, AWD, or RWD whereas the LC 500h runs strictly on RWD.

Anyway, those who really don’t mind louder performance may probably want to stick to the LC 500 as it has recently been confirmed to have slightly more output than was previously disclosed, moving up to 471hp from 467hp. It’s also a pretty decent albeit pricier alternative to the Porsche 911.