If or when the next-generation Lexus CT premium C-segment car pops up, all we can do is hope that it will look absolutely positively nothing like this.

On a more serious note, not that we weren’t serious about it not looking like a sleeker Prius, the LF-FC Conceptdesign elements would probably come in handy when drawing up any new car, not just a future Lexus. Besides, a couple of lines from the NX wouldn’t hurt either.

Unfortunately, all we know so far about the next CT are rumors – which state that it could share the same platform as the 2016 Toyota Prius, which might mean that it would also share some of its technologies. How that would help it compete better against the A-Class, 1-Series, A3 and V40, remains to be seen.

The premium C-segment could be somewhat of a gold mine for Lexus, if they decided to revolutionize their thinking about the CT and turn it into even more of a mainstream product, meaning several different versions, several engine configurations and of course a worthy design.

As for this rendering, let’s hope it remains fictional, despite that front end being pretty interesting. Actually it’s just the second half of the car that looks ridiculous (for a sporty hatchback), the first half kind of works, don’t you think?

We’re probably about a year away from finding out what’s really going on with the CT, and by then, most of its rivals will be already experiencing the effects of old age – which in this segment pretty much means the consumer is ready to forget about you and focus on the newer product.