Lexus has been making many great cars in recent years but they all failed in one aspect and that is being fun to drive. This is something that Lexus wishes to fix and they will look to do so by launching the all-new LC500.

The vehicle, which was recently unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, is tipped to arrive late next year and it will become the benchmark for future Lexus cars, especially when it comes to offering great driving dynamics.

The LC500 is confirmed to come out running on a new 5L V8 engine that is packed with 467hp and 389ft-lbs of torque. The power is managed by a 10-speed automatic transmission and it will send the ponies to the rear wheels. The only problem with the LC500 is that the car weighs heavily at 3,968lbs. Then again, this is due to the luxurious interior, which Lexus is not keen to remove.

Hence, we are not expecting the LC500 to be really fast when released but it will at least be fun to drive. This is something that Lexus is hoping to achieve and the LC500 will take them closer to their dream.