The Lexus NX300h is an outstanding hybrid four-door SUV. 

Made in Miyawaka, Fukuoka, Japan, it has the detail and craftsmanship of the Asian car craftsmen. The paint is named “Autumn Shimmer” and the color matches the aspen tree leaves of late in the fall season.

What is so special about this hybrid is the performance. This is a smaller four-wheel drive SUV that has a standard four-cylinder engine that produces 194 horsepower, along with an electronically-controlled continuously variable transmission, making this car exceptional in handling and the total drive.

Steering is precise, controls easy to use, and the hybrid system just adds to the performance, achieving 33 mpg on the highway, and 32 in the city, with hybrid physics at work.

Hybrids are so quiet, and it takes just a little more driving skill to engage the system without the sound of an engine. Good rearview cameras keep an eye out for any unsuspecting pedestrians behind the vehicle. 

This Lexus has eight airbags—driver, front, knee, side—that help add to a perfect five-star overall safety rating.

The driver’s seat has excellent 10-way power controls and very quick lumbar support. 

There is one challenge with this luxury hybrid beauty. The price retail price starts at $39,720 and then escalates to $50,433 with an elaborate list of very desirable features in a luxury package for $4,545. Other extras include a navigation system for $1815.

Consumers do have a choice of what to order in features on most models, and the basic NX300h is outstanding at the retail price. Even better with all of the extra features, but that pushes up the price substantially.

Dealers can work with optional features and the car is very attractive at all pricing levels and accessories.

One thing missing in extra equipment is the latest SST system that stops a vehicle from hitting a frontal object. This is one of the best innovations on 2017 model cars, making it an instant success.