The crossover craze has hit nearly every automaker without prejudice, including Toyota’ s luxury brand.Lexus first joined the party back in 1999 with the mid-size RX. After nearly two decades worth of outstanding success, Lexus expanded its crossover segment in 2015 with the NX. This compact crossover now acts as the brand’s entry level SUV, aimed at a younger and marginally less affluent audience. The NX still carries that Lexus look and feel. Its sharp angles and large Spindle grille makes it stand out from the luxury crowd.

Since its launch, the NX has come in two forms: the NX200t with its turbocharged four-cylinder, and the NX300h with its hybrid powertrain borrowed from theToyota Camry. Both can be had with and without Lexus’ F Sport handling and appearance package. What you see here is the NX200t dressed in its standard, non-F Sport form. That means the Spindle grille is actually toned down a bit, its interior is slightly subtler, and its suspension gives a cushier ride.

Naysayers of the NX will call it a glorified Toyota RAV4. While that may be true to a point, the NX only shared is basic structure and wheelbase with the Toyota. Unique suspension set-ups, wheel and tire combinations, powertrains, and of course styling make the NX its own machine. Having driven both the NX and RAV4 nearly back-to-back, I can vouch for the NX’s more Lexus-like ride. The Lexus simply feels more premium.

So what’s the 2016 Lexus NX200t like to live with? Keep reading to find out.