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In Lexus GX 460, the freedom to explore meets the comfort of premium design. Our “grand 4x4” is a true body-on-frame SUV that takes you from the city to off-road and back again, surrounding you with rich leather, lustrous wood trim and advanced technology features for a luxury driving experience.

2016 Lexus GX @ Ken Shaw Lexus in Toronto

Robust body-on-frame architecture gives Lexus GX high torsional and flexural strength raising genuine off-road-performance and everyday reliability to a higher dimension. The frame's superior rigidity also isolates the cabin, absorbing bumps and vibrations, contributing immeasurably to GX's smooth ride and extraordinarily peaceful interior.

GX's rugged and powerful exterior gives the appearance of a Lexus SUV artfully forged from a single block of metal. The signature Spindle Grille, and Body panels, precisely sculpted with sophisticated wavelike details, project a solid expression of strength and a fresh, intriguing elegance.

GX's interior is intentionally sturdy in design and polished to an elegant finish. Strength and prestige are exemplified by an Instrument Panel seemingly forged from a single bar of metal juxtaposed to the softness of Leather and warmth of Mahogany Wood Trim.

Supple genuine Leather upholstery belies the impressive utility built into each row of seating, including 8-way Power Adjustable Front Seats, 40:20:40 folding 2nd Row Seats, and 50:50 Flush-with-Floor 3rd Row Seats. Versatility that helps you handle most any occasion.

Powerful and athletic, Lexus GX’s 4.6 Litre, 301 Horsepower V86 features Dual VVT-i, low-friction technologies and a cooled EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system providing superb output coupled with the fuel efficiency of a much smaller displacement engine.

The 6-speed Super Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission features shift points optimized for power and smoothness. Outfitted with Gate-Type Shift functionality, the GX also lets you experience the joy of a manual shift.

GX features Trailer Sway Control Brake System, for greater stability while towing. Lexus GX 460 features an Automatic Load Levelling Rear Air Suspension system to adjust when you attach a trailer or load heavy cargo. Plus you can set it to “Normal” for everyday driving, “Low” for easier loading and unloading, and “High” for added ground clearance.

On steep inclines, Hill Start Assist Control (HAC)24 helps prevent GX from rolling backwards when you move your foot from the brake to the accelerator. Downhill Assist Control (DAC)24 also assists GX descend steep and slippery grades by keeping the vehicle at a slow and constant speed.

Lexus GX’s 4WD System directs power to all four wheels all the time giving you superior traction both on road and off. Active Traction Control (A-TRAC) automatically applies brake pressure to any slipping wheels while directing drive force to those with traction to enhance your confidence and capabilities in handling the most challenging conditions.

The electronically modulated Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) delivers uncompromising on-road and off-road performance. On paved roads, KDSS provides exceptional handling, stability and ride comfort for your Lexus SUV. Off-road, the system allows each wheel to move independently to maximize traction and minimize vehicle tilt and roll.

Multi-Terrain Select, available in the Lexus GX 460’s Executive Package, enables you to choose the most appropriate vehicle settings for a selected terrain. Featuring four driver selectable modes — Mud & Sand, Loose Rock, Mogul, and Rock — the system regulates wheel spin to provide maximum traction for each scenario.

In off-road situations that demand precise pedal control, Crawl Control automatically keeps GX at a crawling speed — controlling the engine and brakes to take complicated footwork out of the equation and enable you to concentrate solely on steering. Crawl Control is available in the Lexus GX 460's Executive Package.

A 17-speaker, 330-watt, 7.1 channel Mark Levinson® 20 Surround Sound Audio System has been designed specifically for the Lexus GX 460. Its attributes include Bluetooth® 22 capability, MP3 Connectivity, Steering Wheel Audio Controls, and more.

The voice-activated Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Navigation1 system on the GX 460 features Advanced Voice Recognition and Subscription-based XM® Satellite Radio4. The eight-inch, high-resolution Electro Multi Vision (EMV) screen provides a sharp, colorful display.

The Technology and Executive Packages add to GX 460’s rich network of advanced safety features with a driver-activated Lane Departure Alert System. If the system detects that you're drifting unintentionally from your current lane, it sounds an immediate warning and displays an alert message on the multi-information display of your Lexus SUV.

Working alongside the Pre-Collision System, the innovative Driver Monitoring System uses infrared sensors to monitor driver attentiveness through the use of a Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) camera placed on the steering column. The system will warn the driver if a dangerous situation is detected, and if no action is taken the vehicle will automatically apply the braking system.

An excellent aid - especially when venturing off-road - the Wide-View Monitoring system, available with GX 460’s Technology and Executive Packages, employs cameras2 strategically located around the vehicle to provide views from the Front, the Rear, the Passenger Side, and (Executive Package only) the Driver Side of the GX. Images are displayed on the Navigation screen.


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