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As the world's first luxury Hybrid hatchback, everything about the Lexus CT 200h has been crafted for exceptional performance. with its hybrid fuel efficiency and refined luxury interior, CT's remarkable versatility and flawless attention to detail offers an exhilarating driving experience.

2016 Lexus CT @ Ken Shaw Lexus in Toronto

Lexus CT's dramatic and dynamic form takes a bold turn with its sleek spindle grille, shark-fin antenna and stunning wheel design. In league with its low centre of gravity and nimble dimensions, CT 200h promises — and delivers — aerodynamic excellence and exhilaration with every journey.

The cockpit of CT 200h is cleanly and intuitively divided into a Display Zone and an Operation Zone — the first putting a wealth of information at eye level, the second putting controls at your fingertips.

Outstanding craftsmanship and innovation are evident at every turn. Interior surfaces and lines have been carefully designed with the aim of expressing the true form of materials — such as metal carved from a single block or luxuriously comfortable seats, bound in fine NuLuxe or available Leather
Pursue a new sense of luxury with your choice of exterior colours, a palette that stretches from the serenity of Eminent White to the luminous, lit-from-within hues of Nebula Grey Pearl, to the sporty radiance of performance-inspired Redline and available Ultrasonic Blue Mica.

Powered by our advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive system, CT 200h rewards you with a combination of performance and environmental sensitivity for a driving experience that can only be described as pure enjoyment.

Lexus Hybrid Drive combines a 1.8-litre, 4-cylinder VVT-i Atkinson Cycle Engine and a powerfully advanced electric motor. Thanks to innovations like Regenerative Braking and an Exhaust Heat Recovery System, the Lexus CT hybrid never has to be plugged in. It recaptures and reuses waste energy to optimize efficiency.

From smooth and serene to heart-pounding and pulse-racing, Lexus CT lets you customize performance with four distinct driving modes. In addition to Normal, EV and ECO modes help minimize emissions and maximize fuel efficiency. Or select Sport for a dynamic driving experience, accentuated by a Tachometer, and an Instrument Panel that changes from tranquil blue to race-inspired red.

At the heart of CT's Lexus Hybrid Drive lies the Power Control Unit (PCU) that seamlessly manages all energy flows — providing only electric power in EV mode, and, as CT 200h accelerates, blending the efforts of the two power sources in perfect measure to wrest the highest levels of performance from both.

CT 200h's low centre of gravity bestows superior balance and more fluid cornering agility. To achieve this, engineers mounted Hybrid components closer to CT's centre to optimize weight distribution, and reduced the weight of parts through the strategic use of high-strength, lightweight aluminum and high-tensile steel.

Every aspect of the Lexus CT Hybrid has been engineered for superior airflow — even the outer mirrors have been honed to master wind resistance. The result is a remarkable 0.29 coefficient of drag that serves to enhance fuel efficiency, suppress wind noise, and enhance your control.

With its impressively low-to-the-ground seating position, CT 200h puts you close to the vehicle's centre of gravity and fully in touch with its movement. In partnership with optimal pedal placement and the precisely calculated angle of the Steering Wheel, CT offers a driving experience that’s exhilaratingly sporty.

CT 200h’s unique suspension design pairs an Independent MacPherson Strut Front Suspension with a Fully Independent Double-Wishbone Rear Suspension. This set-up rewards you with both superb handling stability — felt most especially when attacking corners — and a beautifully compliant ride.

A world's first, both the 6-speaker and available 10-speaker Sound Systems feature Automotive Speakers that employ sustainable bamboo charcoal-resin. Thinner, stiffer and lighter, they also possess a wider frequency range than conventional speaker diaphragms providing richer sound clarity and more refined acoustics — taking full advantage of the high-performance amplifiers.

Included with the available Navigation1 System, the award-winning Lexus Remote Touch Interface (RTI) puts menu control at your fingertips. Positioned perfectly, where your right hand rests most naturally on the centre console, RTI features a computer-mouse-like control, snap-to-technology, and one-touch confirmation that lets you feel when desired commands have been selected.

At the performance heart of the Lexus Hybrid Drive is an Electronically-controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (ECVT). Seamlessly blending an infinite number of gear ratios, ECVT delivers quick, smooth acceleration for optimum performance and enhanced fuel efficiency versus conventional transmission systems.

Lexus CT’s Traction Control (TRAC) system helps detect when a wheel is about to spin and then automatically takes action — applying brake pressure to the appropriate wheel, channeling additional power to the opposite wheel, and, if required, reducing engine power, all to give you exceptional straight line stability and enhanced confidence in rain, snow and ice.


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